Not a disgrace, let alone weakness, these 5 artists have frankly experienced mental disorders

Having a mental disorder can be a disaster for some people. But not with these three artists, they were outspoken about what they experienced and how long the process was. 

Listen and be aware too, if you have a mental disorder, it doesn’t mean you’re crazy. 

Demi Lovato and Anorexia

Artist with Mental Disorder

This former Disney player has made peace and can forgive what has happened to him. She has gone through various ups and downs from her eating disorder anorexia. 

Demi was known to have had body dysmorphic disorder since she was eight years old and developed anorexia in her adulthood. Even though he is recovering, for the sake of admitting that food is still the biggest challenge in his life. 

“The less I think about food, the easier it is to live my normal life. I also feel like I don’t want to disappoint anyone so when I have times when I get triggered about this disorder, I feel really embarrassed.”

According to this documentary about her journey through anorexia, Demi has had several events trigger her disorder. For example, when he and his ex, Wilmer Valderrama. In addition, the grammy nomination also made him stressed and wanted to eat continuously as an outlet for his emotions. 

It is known that anorexia itself is one type of eating disorder that can be deadly because it affects a person’s mental health. Usually this disorder is followed by depression, feelings of hopelessness, and self-harm. 

Anorexia is characterized by a person’s desire to expel food in an unnatural way such as vomiting it back up or exercising in an extreme manner. Right now, even though she is struggling, Demi is still surrounded by people who are helping her to recover completely.

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Ariel Tatum with Borderline Personality Disorder

Artist with Mental Disorder

Who doesn’t know Ariel Tatum? Beautiful models, talented singers, to actors in the film Finished, which has just aired in online theaters, feels like she has everything in her life. This 24-year-old woman, also frequently appears on several mental health platforms to help spread the importance of maintaining this mental condition. 

Who knows that Ariel has borderline personality disorder in her life. He had this disorder from the age of 13 and was diagnosed with a third at the age of 18. Wow, it really takes a lot of effort! Thank you for fighting sis Ariel!

Borderline Personality Disorder itself is a type of personality disorder that is borderline personality. In a sense, a person has unstable moods, motivations, behaviors, and relationships. 

It’s not like bipolar, which has different phases between being happy and being happy, but this Borderline is a threshold, or not clear. This also affects Ariel’s romantic relationship where it is difficult to go well.

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Marshanda with Bipolar Disorder

Artist with Mental Disorder

Starting from a post on his Instagram page, Marshanda admitted that he was doing healing treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Beverly Hills, United States. In his post, there was also a flood of praise because he posted his body as it was and did not cover up what he was doing there. 

This mother of Sienna suffers from Bipolar disorder and it begins with her disapproval of her situation. “When am I mentally ill?” His questions at the start of his four-year journey made up for this disorder. 

Now, Marshanda has accepted it and even often shares her story so that everyone is no longer ashamed to ask for help because having a mental disorder does not mean that she is mentally ill or even crazy. 

Wow very salute. Success for the healing trip, sis Marsha! 

So those are three artists who have various mental disorders. They’re not crazy, but they’re really struggling to get through it.