Learning Activities for Children at Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat

As a preschool Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla has designed excellent learning activities for students. Where they can learn through purposeful playing, following the IEYC learning system. Moreover, the students are separated into some levels of education with different learning activities adjusted to their development needs as explained below.

Learning Group with its Activities at Global Sevilla Preschool

  1. Toddler

The toddler is designed for children in the range of 1.5 up to 2 years old. It is the first level for them to learn outside their first environment, which is family. They will be guided to learn everything at the first level, how to socialize with others, start to learn basic skills, and also respect their surrounding environment.

In practice, the teachers at this preschool will introduce the students to basic skills that they need to have. All the learning activities are held in a fun and entertaining way in this preschool Jakarta Barat. For example, they will learn to recognize colors and shapes, learn simple counting, and also socialize with their peers and environment.

  1. Pre-Nursery

Pre-Nursery is for children between the age of 2.5 to 3.5 years old. In particular, the students will learn quite different things from the toddler group, which is more varied. Thus, they will start to learn a lot of things to help them develop their sensory and motoric ability. Asides from that, it is also the advanced level of their learning journey after the first level.

In short, the students in this group are encouraged to develop their sensory ability through fun and simple art, doing craft activities, and many more. Besides that, students are also encouraged to develop their motoric ability through various exciting purposeful playing, reciting, and understanding simple rhymes and nurseries, and others.

  1. Nursery or Preschool

The next level of early education at this preschool Jakarta Barat is nursery or preschool, where this group consists of 3 to 4 years old children. At this level, they are guided to develop their self-awareness and confidence. However, they are also encouraged to develop their listening and speaking skills through songs, rhymes, or any purposeful playing games.

Those learning groups are created to convenience the teachers to guide students into fun and exciting learning activities adjusted to their development needs. So they can experience wonderful and beneficial development as well. It is the reason why Global Sevilla is the best place for students to learn and develop with various fun and exciting learning activities.